Abraham's Journey

Friday, March 28, 2003 • Pastor Wanda Boone • Ministry
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Genesis 12: 1-6

Abram was from Ur of the Chaldees. When we think of his home, what do we think about? You may be surprised to know that the average home had 10 - 12 rooms with a lower floor for servants. There was a chapel in each home and each child learned the familiar reading writing and arithmetic. 

When Abram left his father's house even after moving to another city, this was not an easy thing to do. Abram had to leave comfort and riches and follow the Word of promise from the Lord.

Genesis 12: 7 Abram had more than the Word of the Lord, although that certainly would be enough. God appeared to Abram and Abram built an altar

Points to remember:

- God will cause us to leave the familiar and comfortable

- God visited Abram and communed with him. Allow the Holy Spirit to   minister to you as you go along your journey.

- Abram built an altar to the Lord. Build an altar in your heart to the Lord in remembrance of His Word. Do not let His promises slip!

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